Emerald Solicitors Chatham


The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a unique and unprecedented challenge for preserving people’s rights, and ultimately affected how solicitors engage with their clients and the legal system as a whole. We are all aware of the unfolding effect of coronavirus on our daily life, which may continue for the foreseeable future in one way or another. We continue to monitor the situation and seek to adapt in ways possible to protect yours and our health and safety following governments guidelines in restricting social contact and social distancing.

For the providing of a safe delivery of our services and for your protection, in as much as is necessary, we request that clients abstain from attending our offices physically without an already booked or prior appointment with us. What we have done through the pandemic which has been very effective is to offer a video call on WhatsApp, or a zoom call to our clients. We have kept up with clients through calls, emails and texts and we see that you have done the same very effectively. We encourage you our clients to continue to do the same as it is a system that has worked. But we will endeavor to continue to prepare to be able to open up the office fully in due course to face to face appointments.

Our office will continue to offer our best services to all our clients at all times and take this opportunity to thank all our clients for their continued cooperation, understanding, and patronage especially at this unprecedented time.



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